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Open 7 days a week

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Open 7 days a week
- 8:30am to 5:00pm

Plant Database


Ornamental Trees

Choose from a variety of small to medium size ornamental trees which either flower or have beautiful fall foliage.


These plants have the ability to come back year to year with only minimal maintenance

Shade Trees

Choose from a variety of large shade trees which are perfect for shading the lawn, house, or driveway. Evergreen varieties are also great for use as large screens or windbreaks

Fruit Trees

Pick from our vast selection of fruit trees for our area

Evergreen Shrubs

Choose from a variety of evergreen shrubs which come in many different growing sizes and leaf structure. Some varieties can bloom or produce colorful leaves.

Tropical Plants

We carry a large amount of tropical plants for beautiful color in summer

Deciduous Shrubs

Choose from a variety of deciduous shrubs which come in different growing heights. A lot of these shrubs can produce a flow show during the spring and summer.

Acid-loving Plants

These easy to grow plants can grow in our area with proper planting and maintenance


We carry evergreen, deciduous and tropical vines for our area


Perfect for indoor use with natural sunlight through windows

Cactus, Yucca, Agave & Succulents

Very low water use plants for sunny areas


Clumping and running bamboo for ornamental use in the landscape. Great for screens, windbreaks or hobby use

Ornamental Grasses


Palms are a great way to give the you a tropical feeling in a landscape.

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